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Marble is an intriguing carpet from the collection of Brink & Campman. Hand-woven with pure wool from New Zealand, the robust structure of knotted balls gives a unique look.

Marble has a pile weight of 3.5 kg and a total weight of 3.8 kg per square meter and the carpet is available in 4 standard sizes and 9 colors. A number of different sizes are also available.

The Axminster-woven rugs are woven in the Netherlands according to a traditional weaving process and are for the most part made up from woolen yarns varying in thickness and structure. An important number of rugs are made with felted or otherwise treated yarns preventing excess shedding. In many cases the combination between structure and colour plays a leading part. Rugs with a design such as Fusion, Hermitage Adore and Spheric are mostly produced in a lower and even pile height (v-pile) opposed to for instance Rocks and Steel which stand out due to the ‘tie-and-dye’ yarns in a more open shaggy structure.

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