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Marlan is manufactured out of natural minerals processed in a polyester resin. The strong solid non-porous surface resembles ivory, marble, stone or ceramics.

It offers easy maintenance, resistance against water, temperature and stains.
The material is a food friendly and hygienic with a high fire resistance rating. Light scratches can be easily removed with a mild abrasive cleanser. It is available in more than 60 colours.

Marlan can be glued together seemless and almost invisible to each other or it can be casted in numerous shapes, like sheetmaterial, vanities, bowls, sinks, or exterior architectural products.
Shapes of all kind are available in many models, colours and granite tints. Damages can be repaired almost invisable with Marlan Poly-repair. The products can be casted in various designs.
Suitable for bathrooms, toilets and changing-rooms in hotels, restaurants, schools, theatres, camping-sites or offices.

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