MARMODUR Marble Composite Flooring


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Marmodur is a thinset marble composite floor, made out of biopolymer binder and marble aggregates creating a strong, semi industrial floor. Marmodur is biobased and Red List free. Marmodur is flexible and is able to withstand heavy traffic and can easily be revitalised.

Marmodur is an aesthetic, seamless, wear-resistant floor for areas with heavy traffic. Marmodur has high a chemical resistance and is a perfect solution for laboratories, factories, supermarkets and sales areas.

Marmodur has a unique look and feel. Both smooth and textured go hand in hand creating a one of a kind appearance. The blend of the marbles can be adjusted for custom purposes. Color mixes can be made to create corporate designs. The Marmodur colour is fully created by the colour of the marble particles.

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