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MD Expanded Metal façade cladding
The diagonals and the strand widths are available in endless combinations, making MD Expanded metal facade cladding a highly versatile product. It always has a unique appearance and is suitable for many different applications like facades, sun control, second skin. Thanks to the various fixing techniques, it is possible to attach MD Expanded Metal panels to any background. Whether it is about transformation or new construction, MD Expanded Metal is the product to achieve an excellent end result.

How it is made
MD Expanded metal facade cladding is made by cutting a regular pattern of slits into a metal plate and reshaping it. It can be used to create a more transparent facade by making diamond-shaped or circular openings in the plate. MD Expanded metal is also an economical product since no material is wasted in its production.

Many patterns
With MD Expanded Metal you can choose between 30 different patterns for your unique façade cladding. Then you can also decide which transparency you want to apply. Where you want to keep out the sun, the facade is less open than where you want to let the sun in. That is why MD Expanded Metal is also extremely suitable as a sun-resistant facade cladding. It is also possible to create you our variable mesh pattern.

Different materials
You can apply MD Expanded in aluminum, corten, copper, stainless steel and magnelis. What you can choose best depends on the climate and environment of the project and the appearance of the facade that you want to pursue. In general, aluminum is chosen. This material is light and maintenance-friendly with a long lifespan. It is also 100% recyclable and recycling requires relatively little energy.

Surface treatments
You can choose between powder coating or anodizing your MD Expanded Metal facade cladding of aluminum. All conceivable colors are possible with powder coats. You can choose for a standard coating that requires some maintenance or a durable coating that requires no maintenance. Anodizing makes aluminum even more beautiful, because anodizing builds up a layer in the aluminum and is not a layer on top of it like powder coating. The metal aspect is therefore better preserved. In terms of colors, you can choose from a certain color palette. The sublimation and printing of the MD Expanded Metal panels is also possible.

Fixing the façade
Ultimately, a facade must also be installed. We have visible and invisible fastening systems. When choosing a fastening system, design, functionality and the available budget form the framework. When realizing the facade, Metadecor can also help with the realization of the insulation, the auxiliary construction, the facade lighting or acoustic parts.

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