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MD lighting elements

Medea BV

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MD lighting elements are made from glass and have an adjustable colour and light intensity. The glass is illuminated by LEDs placed at one or two edges of the glass. The glass itself is printed with a point grid, where each point emits light by refraction of the light. An even spreading of the points results in an even illumination. The grid points are printed in ink with ceramic pigments at a high temperature, whereby the pigments become one with the glass. This ink is very scratch-resistant and resistant to high temperatures and chemical influences.
The total surface of the printed grid is around 10-15% of the total surface of the glass, keeping the transparent qualities of the glass largely intact. The printed glass has a low iron percentage, because of the need to be able to display every possible colour evenly in the glass. The glass elements can be illuminated statically or dynamically with an electronic central control unit. Every colour can be created. Besides for normal glass, the Medea illumination technique is suitable for toughened, laminated and insulation glass.

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