Metallic wood


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- story by MaterialDistrict

The metallic wood consists of thin-gauge Grip Metal mechanically bonded to the wood veneer. It is a new class of high-performance composite material developed with metallic wood technology and created without the use of adhesives. This material is created in a collaboration of two companies, Grip Metal and Corruven. Grip Metal is a patented stamping process created to modify sheet metal, applying an array of micro-formed hooks that can physically adhere with other materials. Combining aluminum with wood panels results in an extra strong and lightweight panel for various uses.

With this process, Corruven makes lightweight corrugated panels for architectural use, called 3D metallic wood that helps create sophisticated interiors with this unique fusion of materials.

Also, with this technology, Corruven has developed the UVEN-R Series, a modular wall tile interlaced design that helps to control the noise by diffusing and capturing it behind the panel. The aluminum subtracts is combined to wood or felt or a combination of both.

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