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Metawell is a patented lightweight construction aluminium panel made by bonding two cover sheets to the core material, which consists of wave formed sheet metal, using a hot melt adhesive in a continuous process. These sandwich panels are available in different designs, which can be adapted perfectly to the purposes of specific applications. By adjusting the cover sheets, corrugation height and surface coating, the characteristics of these aluminium sandwich panels can be adapted specifically to the particular requirements.

Thanks to  metal sandwich technology, Metawell is able to develop very lightweight yet extremely rigid sandwich panels for the use in transportation, in construction as well as for machine covers and for custom designs. Compared with solid aluminium of the same statical performance, Metawell aluminium sandwich panels offer weight savings of up to 75 %. The temperature resistance of Metawell is 100°C, a higher temperature resistance up to 200°C can be offered on request.

Metawell Aluflex is a special material with rigidity levels that depend strongly on direction. The corrugated sheet is bonded with only one cover sheet. This structure enables easy forming and provides a high rigidity to curved lightweight construction elements (e. g. curved ceiling linings).

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