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Miro Silver


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Normal anodised aluminum lighting grades have a total reflectivity of up to 87%.
To increase or enhance this total reflectivity to another level, several nanometer-thin optical coatings must be applied to the aluminum surface in a vacuum.

MIRO is ALANOD´s name for this unique brand of highly reflective products. ALANOD utilises a unique proprietary process to apply highly reflective and reflectivity enhancing coatings to pretreated aluminium coil to produce – MIRO. The MIRO range now has a complete range of specular and diffuse surfaces with 95% total reflectivity. MIRO SILVER has an even higher reflectivity of 98%. This highly reflective surface now allows the lighting manufacturer to achieve a 10 – 20 % increase in illumination efficiency. A major feature of MIRO® is its total luminous reflectance of 95%, compared to 87% for state of the art conventional anodized aluminum strip. This translates into a 20% higher operating efficiency for lighting systems using MIRO® reflectors. MIRO® surfaces are absolutely free from interference colors. They have outstanding UV stability. The neutral color rendition is practically independent of the reflection angle; this is a major improvement over even the best conventional anodized aluminum strip. Your machinery does not need to be modified in order to process MIRO® stock. All of the characteristics of MIRO® allow processing it just as you would conventional anodized aluminum strip.

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