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Mirror & Metal Glazes


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Coloured Glazes for polished metal surfaces are durable glazes which are combined with a special clear coat to ensure cloud-free colouring and stability of the effects.
Coloured Glazes for mirror faces allow mirror surfaces to be designed individually with any color. Conventional mirrors can also be refined as acrylic glass plates with mirror lacquering. Whether completely or only partially used – the result is a coloured surface which maintains its reflecting function.
The glaze is made using a clear coat with addition of colour pigment solution in order to create a colourful, transparent glaze. After the glaze is colored by solution, it is applied onto the existing metal or mirror surface with a cold-spraying technique. It is dried at approximately 60°C and then finished. The coating performance is close to automotive coatings, which allows it to be used for both interor and exterior applications. All colours are possible, and maximum dimensions are approximately 4 x 2,5 x 2 meters per piece.

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