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From agro-industrial residues to luxury living environments, Mogu Floor are two collections of biobased resilient tiles and roll for interior design and architecture. A perfect solution to support a fully circular approach within the building industry. The proprietary formulation of the bio-based resin utilised in Mogu Floor products is literally bio-based, replacing traditional industrial pigments with low-value biomasses, such as corn crops, rice straw, spent coffee grounds, discarded seaweed and clam shells. Despite their look resembling stone, and their structural toughness, Mogu Floor products feature a warm and soft touch – providing an amazing and sustainable choice to walk on.

Thanks to its 94.7% biobased content, and the bio-polyurethane coating that constitutes the top layer, Mogu Floor Tiles are able to resist heels, scratches, abrasions just like any conventional floor. Mogu Floor FLEX is a collection of resilient flexible floors 67% biobased that come in roll form. They are destined to large and high-traffic areas, such as offices, buildings and hospitality.

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