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- story by MaterialDistrict

The idea behind Molly upholstery fabric was to create a basic material taking yarn as its starting point. Accordingly, the fabric is not dyed – the colours are derived from the actual wool mix.

A special combination of 70% Norwegian carded woolen yarn and 30% New Zealand combed yarn gives this upholstery fabric its delicate, simple appearance. Molly’s quality is not to be found in a colour palette or in uniform consistency but in the unobtrusive design of the fabric, the variations in the weave and the feeling of a genuine, natural product. Because Molly is undyed, there will be natural colour variations from one consignment to another. This is unavoidable in such a pure, natural product.

Due to its purity, simplicity and unobtrusiveness, Molly is particularly suitable for use in combination. The 16 different Molly designs combine beautifully with each other as well as with other textiles and materials that have much bolder colours and designs.

Molly is designed by Swedish textile designer Åsa Pärson, a graduate of Textilhögskolan, Borås and Konstfack, Stockholm. This is her first collection for Kvadrat. Previously, Åsa has worked with victims of landmines in Cambodia, training them to work as weavers. Her textile works have been exhibited in countries including Sweden, France and Japan.

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