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Respyre’s moss concrete is a revolutionary material, designed to foster urban greening and sustainability. This concrete solution emphasises environmental friendliness, biodiversity, and urban aesthetic enhancement.

Composition and Properties
The composition of Respyre’s moss concrete includes recycled concrete aggregates and other residual streams, making it an eco-friendly choice. Key characteristics such as porosity, water retention, a micropore texture, and the inclusion of specific nutrients and acidity levels are integral to its design. These features collectively create an ideal setting for moss to grow and thrive on the concrete’s surface.

Bio-receptive Qualities
Respyre’s concrete is labeled “bioreceptive,” indicating its ability to support biodiversity, particularly moss. The concrete’s surface, post-hardening, is conducive to moss growth. This compatibility with moss is a significant aspect of Respyre’s design, promoting a harmonious relationship between the built environment and natural elements.

Moss Compatibility and Environmental Impact
The choice of moss is strategic due to its rhizoids, which are nondestructive and function as adhesives. Unlike roots, rhizoids do not damage the substrate they grow on, making moss an ideal plant for growing on concrete surfaces. Moreover, moss has several environmental benefits. It is excellent at retaining moisture and absorbing significant quantities of fine particulates, thus improving air quality. The presence of moss also encourages biodiversity by providing a habitat for small insects.

Applications and Maintenance
Respyre’s moss concrete is versatile, suitable for new constructions and as a plaster for existing structures. It facilitates the spontaneous growth of moss in appropriate environments and is low-maintenance. The concrete does not require complex anchoring systems, extensive upkeep, or frequent pruning, distinguishing it from other green facade options like living walls. The nutrients added to the concrete ensure rapid growth of moss, and its porous nature allows it to cool structures through evapotranspiration, offering thermal benefits.

Economic and Aesthetic Aspects
Respyre’s moss concrete is an economically viable solution for urban greening projects. It is less expensive than other green facade solutions and can be scaled up effectively, making it a cost-efficient option. The aesthetic appeal of moss-covered facades also contributes to urban beautification, transforming grey concrete jungles into lush, green landscapes.

Images of buildings are renders. Photo art construction by Bob Hendrikx

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