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- story by MaterialDistrict

Muskin is a ‘mushroom-skin’ material. It is made from fungus spores that are grown into a close, woven pattern.

The material comes from extracts from the top of a mushroom (its button). It is processed in a manner similar to that of animal leathers. However, the tanning procedure is completely natural. This means it takes place without using toxic chemicals.

This chemically soft process generates a material which the manufacturer states is ideal for next-to-skin use. Laboratory tests show that this kind of mushroom ‘skin’ is a hygienic material: it stops the proliferation of bacteria.

It also has a strong absorbent capacity. Moisture is taken into the material and slowly released. These two factors are of use in a number of applications, such as shoe insoles, watch straps and so on. Muskin is also breathable.

As the material is grown, Muskin sizes can vary. Standard sizes are approximately 40 cm x 15-20 cm.

With its very soft suede or leather feel and surprising qualities, Muskin is a material that demands a closer look.

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