Mysterious Earth


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Carpets made by B.I.C. Carpets are made by means of the traditional Wilton procedure. This procedure allows to manufacture carpets with both a top pile or a cut pile or a combination of both. Several styles are available:

The name refers to the traditional hand-woven carpets of the North African nomads, with hand-spun yarns of non-dyed wool. At the end of the sixties this handcraft look became the trademark of B.I.C.-Carpets. Now both natural and dyed yarns are used.
Cut pile
With this technique the tops of the piles are cut at the same height after weaving. Therefore the yarns are slightly heated and twisted in order to obtain a nice straight pile.
Loop pile
Contrary to the cut pile the loops are not cut.
High – low loop pile
These carpets have both high and low loops in order to obtain an extra effect of depth.
The wool piles are cut open and the yarns are slightly twisted. This results in a soft, even, velvet-like surface.
Also called curly velours. The yarns are strongly twisted and fixed. Very resistant against footprints and walking traces.
Shag rug
A velours carpet with extra long pile.

The Mysterious Earth collection is made from 100% pure wool, woven with a loop pile. It’s available in several natural tones and can be made with a maximum width of 400 cm.

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