3D Engineered Wall Hangings


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A Fusion of Baroque Aesthetics and Sustainable Design
Design studio Eva x Carola and MEC has collaborated with renowned Italian knitted fabric manufacturer Nesatex, machine technology supplier Santoni, and Merino wool yarn expert Suedwolle Group to create an exceptional fusion of Baroque aesthetics and sustainable design. The goal of this exciting partnership is to deliver a one-of-a-kind, nature-inspired pattern that seamlessly merges classic and contemporary elements while prioritizing sustainability and functionality.

The team created an out-of-the-box effect by combining different techniques and skills. Their aim was to blend historicity and innovation, conveying a modern, timeless concept, that feels like a new level of the future rooted in the classic, and reflecting a desire for sustainable, visually striking designs.

Developing this design focused particularly in creating a wavy, almost natural 3D effect on specific parts of the pattern. To achieve this, the team utilized their expertise in knitting techniques and chose synthetic, regenerated, and GRS-certified yarns on the back of the fabric. The front used natural fibers, such as RWS wool and GOTS cotton, ensuring an entirely sustainable product. The fabric’s softness, breathability, and strength catered interior textiles , making it not only aesthetically beautiful but also functional.

This textile is suitable for modern tapestry, wall covering, acoustic panels, and upholstery.

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