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NeptuTherm is a 100% natural, high-performing insulation material that comes directly from the ocean. It is made from the fibres of ‘Neptune balls,’ also known as the seaweed plant Posidonia oceanic. Neptune balls are found in huge quantities along the shores of the Mediterranean, where they are considered a waste product and actively removed from beaches.

But this plentiful and naturally renewable material is far too valuable to end up in a landfill because its performance as an insulating material is exceptional: it is naturally fire resistant (B2), offers class 1 mould resistance, is great in terms of heat storage capacity and has a thermal conductivity of 0.037 W/(m•K).

As a further benefit, NeptuTherm contains no additives. The eco-INSTITUTE in Cologne has confirmed that Neptune balls are 100% organic and completely free of toxic matter. And this makes the material particularly interesting for those who suffer from allergies.

NeptuTherm is generally installed by a professional, but can be installed by the layman as well. It can be filled into roof, wall and ceiling cavities and then packed tight by hand. For difficult to reach locations, it can be installed with a blower machine. It is suitable therefore for installation in new build and renovation projects – historic renovation projects in particular.

A Biobased material:
NeptuTherm offers an additional advantages over other biobased materials in terms of its origins. One particular difficulty surrounding biobased materials is that they sometimes stem from agricultural lands and are grown at the expense of global food production. Because NeptuTherm is derived from the ocean and is broadly considered a ‘waste material,’ it does not compete with arable land for its production.


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