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Nets & foils


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Nets manufactured of combination rope (Hercules rope). They consist of a polyester jacket with reinforced steel-strands. The ropes are easy-repairing and the metal parts are galvanized or made of stainless steel. Knot connections and adapter-pieces are of HDPE.
Photo 1 Blue knot-free polypropylene, ca. 20mm section
Photo 2 Yellow, knot-free polypropylene, ca. 15mm section
Watertight polyethylene covering foils to protect against weather and wind, dirt and dust. The foils are fully recyclable and UV-stabilized.
Photo 3 Covering foil made from PE fabric, coated with a watertight foil, 80 gr/m². Dimension: 2 x 200 meters.
Photo 4 Standard netting, made from polypropylene.

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