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- story by MaterialDistrict

The term Smart Textiles appears frequently today. But while there are numerous conferences and seminars about Smart Textiles,  they are mostly used for future or experimental projects.

AMOHR Technische Textilien however have moved beyond smart material theory, working with smart textiles in practice for more than 20 years by combining textile and conductive materials in their narrow fabrics.

Whilst heat-resistance, textile grip, elasticity and colour are mainly defined by the textile component, mostly metallic strands are used as conductors. These conductors may be insulated, or not, and are chosen according to their conductivity for each individual project.

The conductive textile of AMOHR come in a narrow width of up to 750mm and are available with the following characteristics: elastic and non elastic, insulated and non insulated flat conductors, textile sensors, spread electrodes with textile grip, textile heaters, anti static tapes, as well as in and out tapes.

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