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Nibertex is a groundbreaking sustainable membrane that brings an unprecedented level of breathability and waterproofing to technical fabrics and beyond while being 100% PFAS and PFC free.

Nibertex is meticulously engineered via Niber Technology’s patented electrospinning process, which enables precise control over polymer-based fiber formation. This results in a highly porous structure that promotes unparalleled moisture and air transmission. This approach ensures Nibertex offers 5 times greater breathability than the next most breathable waterproof material, making it ideal for outdoor brands, technical fabrics, and any application where comfort, durability, and eco-friendliness are paramount.

Niber Technology’s commitment to sustainability is at the core of Nibertex. The PFAS-free material is a testament to their pledge to produce environmentally-responsible textiles, avoiding harmful chemicals typically used in the industry. Moreover, the inherent durability, longevity, and abrasion resistance unique to Nibertex nanofiber films not only enables PFAS free waterproof performance but also promotes a life-cycle that reduces waste, reinforcing Niber Technology vision of sustainable production and consumption.

Nibertex isn’t just a fabric – it’s a game-changer in the textiles industry. By bringing together superior breathability, waterproofing, strength, and eco-friendliness, Niber Technology is redefining the benchmarks of technical textiles, providing customers with a material that doesn’t force a trade-off between performance and sustainability.

Nibertex’s unique properties lend it to a vast array of applications, from outdoor apparel and equipment to technical textiles for demanding environments. Its high breathability and robust waterproofing make it a popular choice for outdoor brands, while its strength and durability are appreciated in areas such as workwear, military applications, medical textiles, agriculture, EV battery separators, industrial filtration and beyond.

Discover the future of breathable membranes with Nibertex – where sustainability meets performance.

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