No Waste Tracks


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- story by Het Groene Kabinet


Het Groene Kabinet considers reuse of supreme importance. Reuse of raw materials is the foundation of a circular economy.

The No Waste Tracks floor tile has a beautiful geometric shape and is built up from a 12 mm stabilizing carrier made of high quality birch plywood and a solid 6 mm reclaimed oak wood top layer so that it is possible to sand it multiple times during use if desired. The tiles are modular and, just like any other floor, can be laid floating with a knife and groove system so that they can easily be implemented on a next location.

This floor gives you the opportunity to visualize the sustainable goals of your company in a very unique way. The rules concerning responsible organization in the corporate world are rapidly becoming stricter. MPG (Environmental performance of buildings), BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) quality mark, and CSR (Social Responsible enterprise).

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