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- story by Houthandel van Dam


Noir® Thermodified Wood comes in five species. In 2022, Houthandel van Dam presented Fraké Noir®, Vuré Noir® and Vingui Noir®. This year they also present Obèche Noir® and Dabé Noir®.

All five species are perfectly suited to be applied as cladding for your façade. Every Noir® specie has its own characteristics and story.

Obèche Noir®, one of the two new species, is thermally modified Obèche or Ayous/Abachi. This species has a really tight look, because the lack of knots. To live up to fire class D, which usually is the lower limit, it always needs an extra treatment.

Dabé Noir®, the other new Noir specie, is thermally modified Dabema. This FSC certified species has a vivid and exclusive appearance. The drawing in the timber makes you think ‘Oak’. Just like all the other Noir® species it is dimensionally stable.

The Noir® standardized stock programme covers the mainstream of all needs. If this doesn’t cover your wishes Houthandel van Dam would like to think along in possibilities. Noir® is applicable in several ways. Think in profiles, colours, applications; architectural freedom!

Besides the Noir® species, Houthandel van Dam also shows their new mounting system. This is a clip based system which makes a blind fastening application possible. This system will be tested so it lives up to all the Dutch laws and regulations.

Durabillity is a Noir® key value in general. All the Noir® members are having a high durabillity and are grown in sustainably managed forests.

Noir®, Sustainable, Flexible, Beautiful!

Please meet Houthandel van Dam at stand A13 at MaterialDistrict Utrecht, so they can tell you all about Noir®!

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