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Nomex Decore

Bellotti Spa

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Nomex Decore is an ultra-light panel with a honeycomb core made of DuPont’s aramid fibre Nomex. The core has a high structural rigidity and a very low weight. It’s mainly used for interiors or fittings, while it is not used for structures. Nomex Decore weighs half the weight of a plywood panel with a solid section. Compared to plywood, the difference in mechanical resistance becomes very little between thicker panels (15-18 mm). The same mechanical performance can be obtained by increasing the thickness of the lightweight panel by a few millimetres. The lightweight panel is lighter and more elastic than a common plywood panel. Applications of the light-weight panel are mainly in the marine industry for the fitting out of yachts.

A problem with the light-weight panels is the core is mostly hollow, which eliminates the possibility to use screws. This can be resolved by filling one ore more hexagonals with a hardening resin or using a wood insert. Another solution is to use the Bellotti lightweight composite panels that are available in a version called “K”: these panels are built with a central plywood layer in order to resist screwing. Therefore, in this configuration, it is possible to screw a profile in any point of the panel without preparing the hole in advance.

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