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The new rubber floor covering noraplan lona from nora system has opened up entirely new design possibilities thanks to its innovative technology. The name of the new covering corresponds to the Spanish word for canvas. This sums up the advantages of noraplan lona nicely. The flooring forms the basis in its base colour, and with different design colours, the designer can bring his/her ideas to life – the effect in the room is very different depending on the colour combination and vantage point.

24 colours for a lasting, attractive look
The requested design is incorporated into the covering during vulcanization at a high temperature and under high pressure – for a permanently attractive look even after decades. This lets noraplan lona meet both architectural demands as well as functional requirements. The newest member of the noraplan family is made entirely of rubber.

That’s why pushing objects such as beds or food trolleys in hospitals and chairs or tables in schools doesn’t do any damage to the sturdy covering. As a result, the new rubber floor covering is recommended for use in healthcare and educational buildings, as well as other public buildings. In addition, noraplan lona makes an impression with the proven product characteristics of rubber, such as good ergonomics and optimum acoustics, and is gentle to people and the environment.

noraplan lona is available in 24 different basic colours. The twelve neutral grey, brown and beige shades are complemented by twelve attractive accent colours which have an effect that is saturated, yet subdued at the same time. The result is design freedom almost without limits.

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