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- story by MaterialDistrict

This roofing membrane is able to purify the air. The Noxite process converts harmful NOx into harmless nitrates that are washed off the roof in rainwater events. It improves public health, and the environment, as the harmful pollutant is neutralised from the environment.

At first glance, a Noxite roofing membrane doesn’t look any different to the quality membranes you are used to. The surface slates/ granules of the Noxite membranes however are coated with titanium dioxide, which functions as a catalyst in the process of changing the NOx molecules into harmless levels of nitrates. The process is activated when ultraviolet radiation from the sun hits the titanium dioxide particles, releasing energy for breaking down the NOx molecules. Polluted air passes over the Noxite membrane where the NOx molecules are converted into harmless levels of water, carbon dioxide and nitrates, which are then washed away by the rain. The Noxite effect lasts for the entire life of the roof.

According to the calculations and in the best conditions, the effect can be quantified as follows : 100 m² of a Noxite roofing membrane can purify as much NOx from the air as produced by an average car travelling approx 1,000 miles per year.  A 1,000m² Noxite roof could purify as much NOx from the air as produced by an average car travelling 10,000 miles every year. That’s equivalent to travelling from London to Edinburgh and back 15 times. (London – Edinburgh – London = 664 miles).

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