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Odour absorbing self-adhesive wall covering material, developed by researchers at MACtac Europe, the OLFactive™ solution offers a totally different approach to tackling unpleasant odours.
Patent-pending OLFactive™ indoor wall-covering material efficiently traps and neutralises odours 24/7. It is long lasting and requires less maintenance than other solutions.
Stain resistant, the OLFactive™ material is easy to clean, not harmful to health.
OLFactive™ treats odours from organic and inorganic origin.
MACtac® research team has integrated a mix of naturally occurring molecules which traps the volatile chemical compounds perceived as odours, thereby neutralising their effect.
As odours are caused by one or more volatile chemical compounds, this natural mix of molecules complexes and neutralizes odours, retaining odorous molecules so that they are no longer detected as a scent.
This principle has been tested according to NBN EN 13725 (determination of odour concentration through dynamic olfactometry) by Odometric, member of proECO², specialist in measuring odours and their impact on surroundings.
It also carries the fire classifications: M1 – LNE, France – and BS 476 –EXOVA, UK – B1, Germany

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