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The transparent surface foils with an optical depth-effect can be produced from various materials, including polyamide, styrolpolymere and PET. The technology makes almost any depth effect possible, including multiple effects with circles, ovals, dots, strips or combinations of these. Opto4D can be printed using thermo-transfer or screenprinting, depending on the material used. Both laminates and adhesives can be applied to Opto4D, which distinguishes itself through minimal abrasion and resistance to wear and tear. Its high weather resistance (resistance to UV light, moisture and frost) allows outdoor use. The sheeting is produced using a continuous-drawing process, and is delivered on rolls. Standard thickness is 0,55 mm, maximum width 340 mm. Other dimensions are available upon request. Due to its good processibility, Opto4D has a very diverse range of (decorative) uses. Possibilities range from lighting lampshades, furniture surfaces, presentation stand and displays to exclusive packaging, decorative appliqués or logos on coffee machines, TV, Hi-Fi systems and publication covers.

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