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Pandomo Loft


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Pandomo Loft offers flooring with character. It is a further development of the Pandomo Floor. Pandomo Loft is suitable for public and industrial areas as well as private use. The large-scale application of a mineral top layer can be applied thinly (approx. 2 mm) with Pandomo Loft.

When installed, this cement-based floor covering looks like a large-area stone floor, but without any gaps. Pandomo can cope with permanent loads and is immune against chair rollers. Furthermore, it’s UV-stable, resulting in non-fading colours. Pandomo is available in every sort of colour. Coloured and polished Pandomo surfaces are treated with mineral oil with an oil-wax base. This gives it a silky-gloss look, abrasion-proof and water-repellent. The floor may be used 48 hours after installation. Pandomo is also fire-proof.

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