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Paptic is a renewable material that could replace normal paper and plastic. Wood fibre based, the material is biodegradable, but also suitable for recycling. It weighs 30% less than paper and also takes up less space.

The material is suitable for uses where plastic films have previously been the only alternative, can be stretched up to 20%, with hight tensile strength is compared to plastic films, and it does not lose its shape as easily when loaded. It can be converted with the same production machinery used with paper and plastic. If Paptic gets wet it returns to its original dimensions when dried, unlike paper.

The material is also heat-sealable, enabling its use in various packaging applications, such as carrier bags and wrappers. If not printed, the material is only available in white. The material is available in:

  • Paptic Tringa® 38, 45, 60, 70, 80, 110, 125 and 140 gsm
  • Paptic Sterna® 85 and 100 gsm
  • Paptic Gavia® 50 and 65 gsm (heat-sealable)
  • Paptic Apus® 40 gsm
  • Paptic Apus Seal® 45 gsm (heat-sealable)

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