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This material is no longer available.

Perltec Colibri decor is based on natural cotton material combined with highly transparent glass.

To produce the decor sheets, cotton is processed, transforming it from its flaky and fibrous state into a solid, transparent material, called Acetat. The transparent cotton based plastic is colored with pigments, by hand. First each single color of the final design will be pressed in a monochrome block.

According the desired pattern, a single acetat colour is cut and combined with one of the other colours and pressed to a new block. These two-tone blocks are cut again, treated by hand and combined with other blocks, until the desired design is created. This procedure of production is based on a more than hundred years old tradition. In this way, patterns are created that resemble naturally grown structures.

The design Colibri interprets the splendid silky plumage of the bird. The decorative sheet is sliced from the final solid block, like a veneer. To get the finished Perltec product, the design sheets are combined through glass composite technology with Optiwhite glass plates on both sides. Each panel is a one-off. The result is a rich pearl look with three-dimensional depth effect.

The design Colibri is usable from both sides. Standard sizes of the panels are 600 x 600 mm and 600 x 1200mm, with smoothed or polished edges. Standard thickness is 9 mm. Smaller customized sizes and any customized thickness superior to 9 mm is possible on request. Added designs, effects or colors inside the glass are also available on request.

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