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Perspex Coral

United Kingdom

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Perspex Coral is a new line of tough plastic material, featuring various colours and impregnated textures, that can be used for a range of indoor and outdoor designs.
It is made by casting a coloured methacrylate monomer between two sheets of acrylic glass. This layer is then polymerised using specially developed ovens and water baths to control the production process.

The result is a vibrantly coloured, damage resistant and odourless acrylic sheet. The colour, texture and gloss can be altered to suit new designs or existing schemes. The new line, dubbed Coral, has a 3-D effect that appears to shift when viewed from different angles. The acrylic sheet has a glossy, metallic finish that gives the material a luxurious feel.

Applications include chairs, fencing and partitions. Designs, composition and colour can be altered to suit many different requirements, and each panel is manufactured with its own identity. The Perspex Coral is produced in sheets of 3050mm by 2030mm. The minimum thickness is about 10 mm.

The material is produced from non-renewable sources. It is recyclable and it has high chemical and weather resistance and could be used externally. The acrylic glass coating gives it scratch resistance, while the monomer interior finish means it blocks UV light. The float glass surface also reduces optical distortion, making the interior pattern more easily visible.

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