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Want to buy PET felt?
EASYfelt is the supplier of high-quality pressed PET felt. Available as a panel or in a beautiful design. This acoustic felt is made of 100% polyester fibres. A large part of this is recycled polyester (up to 50%). This also makes this acoustic material a sustainable choice!

The polyester fibres are pressed into thin layers. Due to a high density of fibres, the panels are very strong and hard. The material is available in different thicknesses and dimensions. EASYfelt offers 9, 12 and 25 mm. In addition, each thickness has its own colour range.

PET felt panels and design
PET felt panels are beautiful and can be easily made into the most beautiful creations. With their own R&D team, EASYfelt develops new, stylish products for both the business and private sectors. The range includes wall panels, felt panels for the ceiling, baffles, screens and other objects.

EASYfelt’s package includes over 50 colours, most of which are available from stock. By combining thickness, colour, size and shape, it is possible to produce the most unusual and versatile creations on the wall, ceiling or freestanding in the room.

Want to buy thick felt?
Want to buy thick felt? Then you’ve come to the right place. EASYfelt sells PET felt with a thickness of 9 mm, 12 mm or 25 mm. Which thickness is best depends on the following:

  • the desired colour: unique colours for each thickness;
  • the desired acoustic value. For good acoustics, the thicker the better;
  • the budget: the price differs per thickness. Felt solutions in 9 mm usually have the lowest price.

Acoustic felt
Recycled felt has very good acoustic properties, which makes it ideal for improving acoustics. Here it is true that: the thicker, the better the acoustics. For an optimal result, EASYfelt recommends installing felt acoustic panels on a cavity of approximately 25 mm. This increases the acoustic values enormously.

Please note that this material on the wall helps to improve the acoustics in the room. When EASYfelt talks about sound-absorbing felt as sound insulation or felt acoustic insulation, they mean an improvement of the acoustics by reducing reverberation. Sound-absorbing felt is therefore very suitable in rooms that sound hollow. Please note: it is not suitable for noise nuisance from neighbours.

Felt on the wall or ceiling?
Acoustic felt can be applied to both the wall and the ceiling. On the wall, you apply acoustic felt panels. This can be done in the form of a panel but also as felt wallpaper. When you choose felt wallpaper, you can cover the entire wall with connecting felt panels. A material that is very suitable for this is the EASYfelt Stick.

Self-adhesive felt
Most products have a self-adhesive film that makes them easy to apply. In this case, the products have a protective film just like a sticker with an adhesive layer behind it.

An example of self-adhesive felt with an adhesive layer is the EASYfelt Stick. This PET felt with a self-adhesive layer is very suitable for easily adding a wall decoration to an entire wall.

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