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Photo Engraving Formliner


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The combination of the RECKLI®-System and the Photo-Engraving Technology creates a surface pattern which can vary from fine to course depending on the resolution of the image used. This image can then be incorporated on to the finished concrete surface. The Photo-Engraving Process is a computer-based method for transferring image data onto sheet materials by means of milling technology. First an image template is scanned and converted into 256 grey scales. In order to transfer the image onto the sheet material, a machining file is generated from the identified grey values, whereby the file includes milling commands for a special CNC milling machine.
The milled model is used as a master for casting the elastic RECKLI®-formliners. Their elasticity, quality and reusability contribute to the aesthetics and the economic efficiency of the whole process and make it possible to recreate the image on to the concrete surface.

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