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Pillow Black and White is a collection of marble stones which are made from Nero Belgio marble.

Nero Belgio belongs to the stones which are mined as Marble in the natural stone country Belgium. Sometimes Nero Belgio also is called as Noir De Belgique, Nero Del Belgio
Pillow White is made from Lasa Marble which is extracted from the Nördersberg near Laas (Lasa) in South Tyrol (Alto Adige) in the very north of Italy.

It is an exceptionally hard, durable, resistant material which wears well in adverse weather conditions. It began earning a prestigious reputation for itself around the middle of the XIX century and has been known as Tyrolean Marble or Vinschgau Valley Marble over the years. It owes much of its fame to having been presented by two merchants of the Imperial Geological Office at the Vienna World Exhibition in the year 1873
The Lasa marble varies in texture depending on the extraction site. The one from the Laas (Lasa) valley quarries is particularly smooth-grained and therefore considerably more prestigious and refined.

The Lasa marble offers a 20% higher hardness coefficient compared to the Carrara marble. Thanks to these features, the Lasa marble has become particularly important for the export trade and is generally defined as the best, most beautiful and decorative marble available on the international market. The crystalline structure of limestone makes this natural rock extraordinarily robust and resistant to weather related deterioration.

Tests conducted on the material back in the 1950’s have shown that the Lasa marble has a higher hardness and wear resistance than any other marble in the world. A 1983 survey conducted by Munich’s National Institute for Testing revealed that the Lasa marble is resistant to both ice and salt. The Lasa marble is extremely hard, resistant to both pressure and cracking thanks to the high cohesion factor between each individual crystal. The latter characteristic also ensures the marble is almost completely rainproof.

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