Plasma Rock Tilbury tiles

Inge Sluijs

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Plasma Rock Tilbury Tiles are made from plasma gasified waste from landfills near Tilbury, UK. Plasma gasification is a pioneering technology in which any material from landfills can be heated to such a temperature that it renders all known substances to (plasma) rock and gas. While the gas could be used as alternative to fossil fuels, the plasma rock had no viable commercial value before.

The low carbon Tilbury Tiles are made from 100% Tilbury waste and are created in Tilbury by a local tile company. For the manufacturing of the Tilbury Tiles, plasma rock is broken down into little pieces and powder. Each tile consists out of about 200 gram plasma rock material, made from 1 kg of landfill waste. The mixture of plasma rock that is needed to create the tiles dries within 8 hours by air. The tiles are very dense, so they don’t get damaged easily.

The historical coastal landfill sites near East Tilbury are seen as ticking time bombs. In addition to land erosion and rising sea levels, we don’t know what is on the landfills and leaking into our environment.

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