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PLECTERE is made from woolen felt strips that can be used as a partition wall, in a wooden frame or can be manufactured as a 3D object. In all of its forms, PLECTERE introduces texture and warmth to workspaces, dampens sounds through its excellent acoustic properties and contributes to a better employee experience.

PLECTERE is characterized by a visually attractive 3D structure with an intriguing, repeating pattern. It exhibits a remarkable acoustic function by weaving the felt into a 3D structure. Because of its transparency, users can demarcate spaces without completely sealing them off. When PLECTERE is hung in front of a glass wall with a spatial cavity, it absorbs both high and low frequency sound waves.

PLECTERE acoustic room dividers embody a new application for the venerable material felt: the result is design innovation for the material and its applied technique.

Noise and distractions in the workplace consistently come up in the top factors that affect people’s wellbeing. Enhanced privacy, acoustics, comfort and tactility, help employees not only to feel better, but also perform better.

As a highly flexible product, PLECTERE can be introduced at any point in the design process as semi transparent space dividers to delineate different work areas. It can also be applied to existing workspaces to specify work areas while providing more privacy and comfort. It is easily relocated, so it can adapt to the changing demands of the environment.

PLECTERE offers a solution for spaces where acoustic improvement and more tactility is desired.

Keywords: Private Transarency, Custom colours, Flexible Function, Natural Material, Acoustic Performance, Improves Wellbeing.

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