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How can you get rid of the visual noise of acoustic elements for your design? The typical slotted absorbers actually create visual noise: a typical acoustic panel contains 30-40% of machined incisions in the materials, causing visual distraction. WAVY Acoustic is an acoustically engineered wood product with a focus on sound-noise improvement, that can easily transform a space into visual and acoustic intimacy through its seamless and organic appearance.

WAVY Acoustic incorporates room acoustics into architecture, with a Noise Reduction Coefficient rating of 0.80. It is designed by Kenichi Sato of PLY PROJECT Berlin. The material is surprisingly flexible, lightweight and has an organic design. By combining the strength of plywood with foam and technical ingenuity, WAVY turns what was once stiff and heavy into a stunning soft and lightweight material.

WAVY Acoustic is innovative, flexible panelling materials that are simple to use in interior architecture. The individual panel is manufactured from precisely cut plywood and foam sandwiches that give a slightly springy, resilient structure and a surface tactility. The result is flat or curved surfaces that provide not only an aesthetic and organically natural appearance, but also urge reassessment of engineered wood. The panels work as a sound diffuser and sound absorber. This makes the product very suitable for improving the acoustics in a room.

The WAVY panels are 19 mm thick and have a maximum dimension of 240 x 120 cm. The panels are available in the colours Birch, Oak (European) and Walnut (American).


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