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Plyben is a polycarbonate Honeycomb core lined with plywood layers and can be used as a structural element for partition walls. It can be used also for multilayer wall as an intermediate panel. Plyben can be finished with esthetical materials as wood and marble. The external wood layer of Plyben is okumè and allow the use of fasteners and standard glues for wood applications. The external wood layer can be customized on customer demand. The inner core is a polycarbonate honeycomb produced by Bencore.

Product Specifications:
thickness: 23 mm ( ± 0,5)
width: 1250 mm (±1)
length: 3015 mm (±1)
weight: 6,15 ± 5% Kg/m2

It is a lightweight structural panel mainly used on boats both as partition walls as it is, and as structural support for thin expensive decorative material as stone and wood, applied on Plyben by glue or screws. Plyben is designed for interiors applications.

Material Properties