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PreBeam is low weight construction material for support of thin plates. Suitable for simple manufacturing of curved surfaces.
The material is made with the patented BeamLine as the load-carrying element (aluminium) combined with various sheet-materials. Mainly, with birch ply-wood as the plate material.

The profiles are mainly characterised by:

  • Very low weight
  • Flexible during the shaping process
  • Easy to shape
  • Economic
  • Very strong and stiff end-product

PreBeam profiles are produced in length of 2.95 m; however, the product can be custom-made according to customers demand. Possible applications of the material are:

  • sets and scenery (film, TV, theatre)
  • decoration (retail, fairs, interiors)
  • manufacturing of templets and curve ruler
  • industry (stiffening, fixtures)
  • mashine shielding
  • design and architecture (mock-ups and development)


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