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This material is no longer available.

Natural fibre moulded parts are produced by high pressure moulding on the basis of a prepreg (a nonwoven fabric impregnated with thermosetting binder). The natural fibres used come from fast growing plants such as flax, hemp, or kenaf.

The tools for the moulding process are made of aluminium. The tool costs are significantly cheaper than with injection moulding.

By means of a high-precision and non-contact pressing process, the prepreg is thoroughly warmed and formed in one cycle. The tools retain their position without contact during the pressing process.

From the prepregs, any three-dimensional free-form surfaces can be produced, as long as they meet certain geometric requirements.

Moulded parts can be used to produce a variety of one-piece and multi-part assemblies, such as natural or laminated construction, cladding and decoration elements for free-form shells of seats and backrests in furniture production or as a raw support for interior components and linings in the automotive sector.

The technical behaviour can be adapted to different, individual requirements.

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