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Printed and relief tiles


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PWS tegel
The idea for the PWS tile originated from the wish to create different patterns with one tile. This idea has been brought to reality by creating a tile with half curved sphere on three sides of the tile and a longitudinal sphere on the fourth side. By placing the tiles next to eachother with a seam of only 3mm a pattern becomes visible. The spheres connect with eachother, visually creating on large surface. The PWS tile has been named after the PassWordStealing computervirus.

Full colour printed tiles
Through new developments in the ceramics industry it’s possible to print full colour images on ceramic tiles. The images are burned in the glazing of the tile bat a temperature of 800°C. This creates a very tough connection that’s similar as ’ordinary’ decorated ceramics. The tiles are 100% UV resistant, have a good chemical resistance and have been positively tested for their response to acids.

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