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Printed floors


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The Vloerprints (Printed Floors) material uses a digital printed vinyl called Forbo Identity. This vinyl is suited for projects (EN 685 class 42).

The product construction is similar to that of Novilon professional and has proven itself as a long lasting floor covering in both quality and durability over the last decades.
The digital print is embedded in the product and is covered by a 0.7 mm PUR layer. This guarantees a long lasting floor that will keep its look. You can already order a floor with your personal and unique design from 25 m2.


Vloerprints can be used to support the routing in, for instance: shops, schools, restaurants and healthcare center in their respective corporate design.

Technical Specifications:

Total thickness
EN 428 3.0 mm

Thickness wear layer
EN 429 0.7 mm

EN 685 Class 33/42

Roll width
EN 426 2.00 / 4.00 m.

Roll length
EN 426 app. 25 m.

Total weight
EN 430 2.40 kg/m2

Abrasion resistance
EN 660-1 Group T

Slip resistance
DIN 51130 R10

Castor chair continuous use
EN 425 No effect

Indentation residual
EN 433 0.15 mm

Light fastness
EN 20 105-B02 Blue scale 6/7

Resistance to chemicals
EN 423 Very good

Dimension stability
EN 434 < 0.10 %

Reaction to fire
EN 13501-1 Bfl,-s1

Slip resistance
EN 13893 DS

Thermal conductivity
EN 12524 0.25 W/m2K

Body voltage
EN 1815 ≤ 2 kV

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