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Pure is a 100% polypropylene, self-reinforced composite material. Available as a tape, fabric or sheet, it can be used to mould and create numerous components in variety of sectors including the automotive, consumer products and construction industries. It is additionally used as a reinforcement material in anti-ballistic applications.

Automotive applications: Pure offers a high stiffness and strength which can ensure a low weight, particularly when compared to glass filled materials. Another important feature is impact behavior, which even at -40°C is superior to many existing materials available for use in vehicles.

Consumer applications: Properties such as; lightweight, high impact, high stiffness and easy processing also make Pure particularly useful for consumer applications. Some specific applications include suitcases, helmets, sports gear and kayaks. Additionally, it is suitable for use in billboards (promoflex) or advertising panels in sport accommodations (Promodur).

Construction industry: Standard Pure panels show very good impact behavior. This enables their use for protective purposes. Pure is easy to transform into thick (>3mm) panels. There are no technical limits towards the thickness of the panels. This also enables customers with sheet pressing facilities to produce Pure panels themselves. Fabrics and panels can be supplied with UV protection. Pure on PU, PVC or honeycomb is also possible.

Other applications: Demonstrating good compatibility with other materials, Pure is an excellent reinforcing material – either as a fabric or a sheet – as it adds local strength and stiffness. Adding one layer of this fabric in, for instance, injection moulding or thermoforming process will increase properties in a very economical ways.

Its extreme impact resistance also makes it valuable for use in anti-ballistic applications.

Recycling: Pur is 100% polypropylene and therefore a mono-material concept. As a result, every Pure part can be fully recycled. Processing waste can also be recycled. Studies have shown that the development of mono-material concepts, which allow for a high degree of integrated functions, will have a big impact on material selection and design of environmentally friendly products with high levels of complexity.

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