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Pyrogel material is a high temperature insulation blanket, formed of nano-porous silica aerogel and re-inforced with a non-woven carbon- and glassfibre batting. Silica aerogel possess the lowest thermal conductivity of any known solid material. Pyrogel can be used for insulating curved and complex surfaces. The material has extreme low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, good flexibility, and the ease of use has made it suitable for thermal protection and many high temperature applications.

Using patented nanotechnology the Pyrogel materials combine a silica aerogel with reinforced fibres. It can be cut using conventional textile cutting tools including (electric) scissors.

The materials provide numerous benefits including high tensile strength and high compressive strength while retaining excellent thermal performance at a temperature range from -40 up to 1200 F (-40 tot -650 C). The material is hydrophobic and is available with coloured surface upon request.

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