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Q-TE-C is a swellable polymer. Q-TE-C is based on thermoplatics, elastomeric powders and superabsorbent polymers (SAP).
SAP are well known in absorption and storage of liquids in hygiene products, e.g. diapers. When they get into contact with aquaeous liquids SAP swell by forming a gel and reach weights of up to a 1000 times their dry weight. In this process the absorbed liquid is stored even under pressure. These properties open up the field of sealing technology for SAP, too.
Q-TE-C is a swellable thermoplast-elastomer-composit. This new material shows properties similar to rubber, at the same time it can easily be processed (similar to thermoplastic materials), has recycling capability, and its ability to swell provides the possible basis for a new generation of sealing materials (sealing of joints in buildings) and sewerage technology (sealing of pipe connections).
The material can be designed to the special needs of the customers. Tailormade profiles are possible as well as injection moulded products or foils. The material can be delivered in different colours and sizes.

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