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QISO is a single layer quasi-isotropic carbon fabric for balanced laminate composites. With a triaxial braided fiber architecture of 0°, +/- 60° and a drapable consistent fiber orientation, QISO’s technology provides drastically increased damage tolerance and improved energy absorption.

The bias yarns are two over two under alternating over and under the axial yarns with equal amounts of material by weight in each direction.

QISO is used for composite tooling materials, composite containment systems, radio dishes, aircraft control surfaces and much more.

This material is quasi-isotropic and balanced in a single layer of braid, making it thinner and lighter than most laminates while allowing for decreased layup time. Because all the layers have the same architecture, multiple layers of QISO have reduced inter-laminar stresses. Stronger, lighter and more efficient, this material is the single layer carbon fabric alternative.

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