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Real-metal coatings by spraying


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P.S. Oberflächen produces metal surfaces on any paintable substrate by a spraying technique. The metallic fluid (composite metal) consists of up to 95 % of metal powder. After the application process the surfaces show similar properties as cast metal.
The metal surface is strong and durable and the coating is long-lasting and resistant to strain. The surface can be treated with various processes like forged metal from additional blasting, grinding till high gloss or mat polishing. The thickness of the layer varies between 0,07 and 0,15 mm. Total layer composition can be up till 0,30 mm.

Shape and design details of the coated objects remain as the original pieces show them. The object however shows metallic structures. The surface is applicable on almost every imaginable surface, like organic materials , construction materials and plastics. Usage examples are artwork, architecture and booth/shop construction.
Single work pieces should not exceed the dimensions: 400x250x180cm
Available metals are aluminium , iron , nickel-silver , stainless-steel , brass, bronze, copper and diverse special alloys.

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