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Reclaim is a biodegradable, customisable and non-toxic material made of organic side-streams of different local industries.

The materials are fully biodegradable and non-toxic, containing no synthetic additives. This means that after their useful life the materials can be composted or broken down to make new materials. The Reclaim range consists of a variety of materials made from different companies’ waste streams, local to our workshop. Therefore, the production of the materials does not rely on extraction and shipping of virgin resources. Caracara Collective’s techniques and recipes are adaptable and scalable. There is waste everywhere in the world, and this material offers an alternative perspective and solution to turn local waste streams into something valuable.

Caracara Collective can create materials with any requested organic waste, and create customised textures and colours using organic dyes. The materials can be processed to wall tiles, artworks, lighting, interior and customised products. If laminated onto a sheet of wood, the material can also be used to create interior surfaces and furniture.

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