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Combining homelike comfort with the highest performance specifications demanded by the contract market, Vescom’s sustainable recycled boucle upholstery fabrics inspire physical touch and create a sense of cosy cocooning in commercial spaces. Woven in Vescom’s 100% CO2-neutral weaving mill and incorporating predominantly recycled polyester FR boucle yarn made from post-consumer PET bottles, yarn-dyed upholstery fabrics Auckland and Foster achieve a three-dimensionality and handcrafted feel that can’t be replicated with flat, untextured yarn.

Foster: incredibly soft touch
A unicoloured, universal boucle upholstery fabric with an incredibly soft touch, Foster is remarkably unique for its combination of homelike comfort and extreme high performance. Foster’s universality is reflected in its 27 handcrafted colours inspired by nature’s diversity, from grounding earth and raw minerals to fresh wildflower fields, soothing water and sky, and lush plant life.

Auckland: playful and three-dimensional
A tightly woven boucle melange, Auckland gets its playful look, three-dimensionality and organic grid from the intermingling of its two different weft yarns – one boucle, the other flat. The different coloured yarns used in each jacquard upholstery fabric produce 34 unique and surprising colour combinations, like crisp violet and mossy green or bold blue and vibrant orange.

Cohesive combinations
Due to their boucle yarn and complementary palettes, Auckland and Foster can be harmoniously combined in interiors and on furniture and wall panels. Their colours work with any kind of atmosphere as well as in combination with other materials.

Qualified for the contract market
Specifically developed to satisfy the strict technical demands of the international contract market, Vescom’s recycled boucle upholstery fabrics are durable, light- and colourfast, highly resistant to abrasion, low pilling and easy to use. The products pass all European and American flame retardancy tests, a quality that’s embedded into the yarn itself rather than applied as a finish, guaranteeing it remains permanently contained in the fabric. The range also passes stringent IMO standards, making it safe to use aboard waterborne vessels, including cruise ships.

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