Recycrom fabric dye


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Recycrom creates a full range of pigment powders using textile fibres from used clothing and manufacturing waste. Through a production process using only natural chemicals, fabric fibres are crystalised into a fine powder that can be used as a pigment dye for fabrics and garments made of cotton, wool, nylon or any natural fibre and blend. Recycrom can be applied using various methods: exhaustion dyeing, dipping, spray, screen printing and coating.

In contrast to other dyes, Recycrom is applied as a suspension and not as part of a chemical solution. It’s therefore easily filtered from the water – cutting both costs and environmental impact. Since Recycrom uses 100% recycled materials, slight colour variation can occur with larger productions. However, if required, these inconsistencies can be adjusted by using less than 1% of a traditional dye.

Brands can collaborate with Officina+39 to make custom dyes from their own scraps and textile waste.

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