Reflective fabrics


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These fabrics are coated to make them reflective in different ways. It is applicable to any casual wear or active sportswear with custom reflective patterns, for aesthetics or safety in the dark. Compared with silk screen printing, it is much brighter and has better washing performance.

The ‘anti-paparazzi’ coating is composed of retro-reflective glass beads bonded to a soft cloth backing, such as polyester taffeta, nylon, chiffon, thin spandex fabric etc. It is ultra soft, light-weighted and highly visible, ideal for active wear where soft hand feeling is highly required.

Rainbow reflective fabric, also called iridescent or neon reflective fabric, appears black in daylight, while at night, when illuminated by light, the material is able to show different reflective colours at different angles.

It is also possible to make coloured reflective fabrics, by combining reflective glass beads and a durable fabric or film layer with coloured adhesives.

Various reflective materials can be perforated to allow better ventilation and get extra breathability. It significantly improves wearers’ comfort in hot and sweaty environments to avoid overheat and stay cool.

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